More and more complicated things you can do to contribute to this wiki. Have I mentioned blood?

Read Wiki Help before editing. More simple things to do are here: TO-DO List

  1. Write CSS for table cells with resources, and table cells with lists (for example crafting materials)
  2. Extend "set table" templates for Special Gears and Premium items, in particular old costumes
  3. Write templates for Monsters and Crafting Materials
    1. update Banana after this
  4. Write template for Crafting Sets (users that are currently working on: Lucas Malor)
  5. Order stats this way: Attack, Speed, Defense, Health
  6. Add JS code to change colour of ajax links (green? dark blue?)
  7. create a template to alert of old content no more in the game
  8. Changes to Bestiary:
    • avoid horizontal overflow
    • horizontal scrollbar to the top
    • the header must remain fixed on vertical scroll
    • the first 2 columns must remain fixed on horizontal scroll
    • load image function should be fired when elements are sorted
  9. Wait Semantic Mediawiki activation
  10. Work on the home page
  11. Clean up
    • Inconsitent file names
    • Inconsitent visual styles
  12. Resolve problem with left border of nearimg table with Fx (item templates)
  13. Stats and materials with their own cells instead of br in templates. Canonize lists and stats
  14. Organize Equipment, File:Muffin_Halloween.png and File:Pretzel_Halloween.png
  15. add docs for ajax, consumable and material templates

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