Templates Edit

  • {{clr}} to add clearing div
  • {{hatnote}} for generic header messages
  • {{distinguish}}: not to be confuse with...
  • {{tl}} to print template links like these
  • {{trim parens}} to remove anything inside ()
  • {{trim}} to remove white spaces before and after a string
  • {{link text}} to get the displayed text of a link (link must be written in wiki syntax)
  • {{category}} to add a category (workaround for category module bug)
  • {{enum}} to create an increasing variable:
    • {{ #vardefine: enum | 1 }}
    • {{subst:enum}}

CSS classes Edit

  • table-aligncenter for tables with all cell with text-align: center
  • list for crafting material columns, and list columns in general
  • thumbpre for a pre as thumbnail
  • thumbpre-left for a pre as thumbnail, left aligned

Additional extensions Edit

Labeled Section Transclusion:

  • <section begin=chapter /><section end=chapter />
  • {{ #lst: article | chapter }}


  • {{ #vardefine: name | value }}
  • {{ #var: name }}

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