Attack is one of the five stats of heroes and monsters. The more the attack, the more the damage of your weapons and the strength of your magic. Every 2 points of attack will increase your damage by 1.

The sum of Attack stat and modifiers that apply to physical damage (e.g. Rage) is called "attack power". The sum of Attack stat and modifiers that apply to magical strenght (e.g. Magic Up) is called "magic power".

Damage Edit

Damage formula is: \left(\frac{\textrm{Dealer's Attack}}{2} - \frac{\textrm{Receiver's Defense}}{4}\right) \pm 10%

  • Magical attacks ignore defense
  • The minimum damage that can be dealt is 1
  • When starving, you can deal only 1 damage
  • Damage is modified by elemental attacks and defense too
  • Damage per second is proportional to (Attack * Speed)

Attack AbilitiesEdit

When the attacker has an ability that modifies damage, as Rage, the purple number that appears on the combat screen is the bonus he got from the ability.

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