• Level 1 (Bungalow)
  • Level 2 (Cottage)
  • Level 3 (Homestead)

Bungalows are the basic home for Villagers and limits how many villagers you may have. You start with being able to build 6 bungalows, but later may build more up to 14. Each bungalow can be upgraded twice alowing a total of 4 villagers per building.

Cost To Upgrade
Rank Resources Time Villagers
1 / Bungalow 100 Wood 0 Metal 0:00:15 2
2 / Cottage 800 Wood 100 Metal 4:00:00 3

3 / Homestead

4800 Wood 3200 Metal 10:00:00 4

Premium Houses Edit

Blue Homestead

Blue Homestead

Name Resources Time Villagers
Blue Homestead 14 Pramin 0:00:15 4
Red Homestead 14 Pramin 0:00:15 4

The Blue and Red Homesteads have a common cap of 10. Giving you additional 40 extra villagers of a total cap 96 (56 from normal houses and 40 from premium). There is currently no reason to build Red Homesteads which have the same functioanlity (4 vililagers) as Blue ones and count toward to common cap of 10 premium houses. The only reason would be the visual impact of the houses.

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