he's a tough guy.

Dealing with the Stoneskins

Are you like me who have a hard time dealing with stoneskins? Before, I usually end up dead dealing with this mobs. With their tough skin,  they ‘re hard to beat and really cause great damages on the Grinns. The technique I used is to have a wizard on my group, plus a combination of an archer and either  knight or berserker.  Before, I don’t have wizards because I thought they’re the weakest, but I found out that they’re  helpful. Because of them, the deathrate of my grins are reduced, at least. J

Although the Stoneskins are tough guys, they are slow, therefore, it take more seconds of delays between every attacks than the other mobs. With the ability to shock numbers of monster in one turn, wizards could even make two stoneskins lose chance.

WIZARDS ARE EASY TO KILL THOUGH BECAUSE OF THEIR LOW DEFENSES, so I don’t put make them as frontliner, and make a knight or a berserker do so. The archers are as backups for the mobs like the zapper, shocker, fault, anyone who can’t be reached by my knight/berserker at the back.

Remember, although you have the same combination of Grinns as I, still, THE MOST IMPORTANT IS TO HAVE A GOOD SET OF WEAPONS AND ARMORS, and to wisely use the skills with THERMAL, ELECTRICAL, CHEMICAL properties…and have some potions and foods in your pocket for the group (wink). How about you? How do you deal with them?

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