This page contains experimental data from monster drops in the Kongregate edition. It is confirmed in a forum post by a moderator that drop rates on Facebook and Kongregate are atleast somewhat different. Although they do try to keep them similar they do feel that they need to make up for lack of certain features by changing some of the drop rates. therefore you should only post data from the Kongregate version of the game. Data from the Facebook version go here.

some important guidelines and other useful things to knowEdit

DO NOT use the Adventurer's pickpocket ability while collecting data for this page.

If there are less than 50 kills, then the data isn't accurate enough to post on the monster page, so it should stay on this page until then.

It is possible for a monster to drop nothing when it dies. A prime example is the Heavy Sweeper which has a 75% chance to drop nothing.

Monsters with no drop rates yet (0-50 kills)Edit

Bombombomb 0 kills

Sweeper Stu 0 kills

Bowbat Billy 0 kills

Randy Rockskin 0 kills

Tom Thud 0 kills

Osorio Zapper 0 kills

Finneas Fault 0 kills

Grand Crank 0 kills

Grander Gatekeeper 0 kills

Grander Smoker 0 kills

Grander Ghost 0 kills

Grander Crank 0 kills

Claw (ceiling) 0 kills

Claw (floor) 0 kills

Brave Hero 0 kills

Brave Hero Prime 0 kills

Rockskin 0 kills

Smoker 0 kills

Old Scroll x 0

Smogger 0 kills

Pearl Necklace x 0

Smoggie 0 kills

Wyvern Skull x 0

Heavy Sweeper 0 kills

Faust 0 kills

Jolter 0 kills

Thunk 0 kills

Stoneskin 0 kills

Sharpshooter 0 kills

Thrunk 0 kills

Angry Smoker 0 kills

Angry Smogger 0 kills

Angry Smoggie 0 kills

Zinger 0 kills

Heat Spider 0 kills

Steamy Gearhead 0 kills

Mother Electric Spider 0 kills

Mother Poison Spider 0 kills

Scarecog 0 kills

Electric Spider 0 kills

Whomper 0 kills

Flinger 0 kills

Spikey 0 kills

Thermal Spikey 0 kills

Grand Gatekeeper 0 kills

Grand Smoker 0 kills

Daisy x 0

Shiny Ruby x 0

Claw x 0

Mechanical Claw x 0

Grand Ghost 0 kills

Sweeper 0 kills

Bowbat 0 kills

Shocker 0 kills

Pokey Sweeper 0 kills

Sureshot 0 kills

Old Scroll x 0

Zapper 0 kills

Thud 0 kills

Broken Mace x 0

Fault 0 kills

Gearhead 0 kills

Thumper 0 kills

Poison Spider 0 kills

Monsters which need more data (50-299 kills)Edit

For these monsters, their number of kills and drop rates are listed on their respective pages. The number of kills is hidden as a comment so it only available while editing.

Monsters which are done (300 kills)Edit

Special thanks to Edit

Connor Monson for creating the original facebook version page which has helped alot in creating the setup for this page.

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