• Empty Plot
  • Wheat Plantation
  • Red Berry Plantation
  • Grinn Berry Plantation
  • Wheat Finished
  • Red berry finished
  • Grinn berry finished

Grow food for Grinns to munch.  

Building a farm involves going to the Production Buildings menu and spending 200 Wood. Farms cannot be upgraded. Each farm can grow one crop at a time of either Grinn berries, Red berries or Wheat.

Originally, players were able to build four farms, but now they are limited to two. Early players were allowed to keep their original four if they had them.

Farm Production
Food Description Resources Cost Time
Grinn berry
Grinn Berry
Heroes of any level can eat this as a small snack.
Restore 15 Stamina
50 Wood 25 Metal 01:30:00
Red berry
Red Berry
Heroes of any level can eat this for a medium-sized meal.
Restore 25 Stamina
50 Wood 25 Metal 04:00:00
Heroes of any level can munch on this to become full.
Restore full Stamina
50 Wood 25 Metal 06:00:00

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