[Length] How long does this game take? Edit

This game is a long time investment. It will keep you busy for months.

[Keys/Boxes] How can I open boxes? Do monsters drop keys? Where do I find them? Edit

Keys for boxes can NOT be found. You can:

  • buy them using the box or from Grinndenburg Emporium (Ornate Key only)
  • buy the more profitable Key Pack (when available)
  • luckily get them for free with certain occasions (holidays, contests organized by game developers)

[Golden Eggs] What are Golden Eggs? How do they work? Where are the best places to farm them? Edit

Golden Eggs are items formerly dropped by Seamus O' Grinn and currently dropped by certain Bosses.

Golden Eggs are useful ONLY if you own a Fuzzlehorn. They can be converted by a Fuzzlehorn and turned into Fresh Cookies (tier 6 food), with a 1:1 ratio. The big deal is that there is a small chance (6%), the Fuzzlehorn will convert a golden egg into a Pixie Dust, a magic item which raises the refining chance of a soon to be crafted item by 60%.

Here is a table of monsters and the amount of eggs they drop:

Monsters Amount of eggs dropped
Grand Smoker 1 Egg
Grander Smoker 1 Egg
Grand Ghost 3 Eggs
Grander Ghost 3 Eggs
Grand Crank 5 Eggs
Grander Crank 5 Eggs
Brave Hero Prime 20 Eggs

Golden Eggs worth farming if your heroes are at least T4/T5. However, lower tier players can attempt farming Grand Ghost (F25), which has a chance to drop 3 eggs. The Grand Crank (F37) has a chance to drop 5 eggs, but it's more difficult and the fight lasts longer.

[Wood/Metal Farming] Where are the best places to farm wood/metal? Edit

So far, the best place to farm wood in terms of resources/time is considered Highland Falls 3 Room 1. For maximum efficiency, use two Adventurers equipped with Scavenge II and Ricochet II, having attack minimum to 208 and as much speed as possible.

The best place to farm metal in terms of resources/time is considered Floor 21 Room 1. For maximum efficiency see the above recommendations, with 247 as minimum attack this time.

For lower level players, Floor 13 Room 1 is an acceptable alternative. For maximum efficiency see the above recommendations, with 190 as minimum attack this time.

Metal farming becomes easier if you own a Fuzzlehorn, and even easier if you own a Sleight of Hand. In this case, the best farming place for metal becomes Floor 12, Room 1, because some items dropped (especially Broken Maces) can be easily converted into Metal Bundles. For maximum efficiency see the above recommendations, with 141 as minimum attack this time.

For even more information follow this thread: Collection : Wood/Metal Farm Places (+Calculations)

[Rubies/Diamonds Farming] Where are the best places to farm rubies / diamonds? Edit

It depends on the strength of your team. Overall, GD (Grinnfinite Dungeon) and Boss floors (Floor 4/Floor 13 for rubies, Floor 25 for rubies/diamonds) are the best places for farming diamonds/rubies. In GD is advisable to go as deep as your team resists. Don’t risk going too deep if you already have gems in your loot bag. Playing safe and re-running is in your advantage.

Another way to farm rubies/diamonds is attempting to encounter Sweeper Stu in Highland Falls 3 Room 2 (doing first room, checking the second, leaving and re-running). If you are lucky enough to encounter him, Stu will always appear three times in three consecutive waves. Besides these, Stu also has a chance to drop the rare Rogue Turban.

[Best Premium Items] What are the worthiest items to buy with pramins? Edit

Potentially the best item you can currently buy with pramins is the Fuzzlehorn Habitat. The Fuzzlehorn pet can convert your useless items into useful ones. Among the most useful items you can receive are Pixie Dust, reviving potions, metal/wood bundles and higher tier potions.

On the other hand, Powered Mines and Powered Mills increase your daily wood/metal production and are cheaper to build and upgrade than normal ones.

However, if you are rather a slow player and don't bother waiting, you can purchase premium gear for your heroes in Grinndenburg Emporium. Savant Gas Mask is probably the best premium item you can get, because it occupies a new slot for your wizard (face). Also, you can buy keys and try your luck opening Tourmaline and Peridot boxes, for a chance to obtain premium gear you cannot get otherwise, such as White Wings or Sleight of Hand.

[Free Pramins] How can I get free pramins? Edit

Every day, 1 pramin randomly drops from monsters. Also, daily quest reward has a small chance to give 10 pramins. Besides these, you can also complete "earn free kreds" offers (if available) on Kongregate and then convert them into pramins.

[Misc Items] Which are the best free miscs for my heroes? Edit

Currently, there are two slots covered by free miscs: back and facepaint.

Among the best free backs you can craft there are: Refined Sneak Cape (+1 Speed, -8 Defense); Refined Dandy Cape (+8 Attack, -10 Defense) and Refined Barbearian Fur (+20 Health, -10 Defense). Also, finishing Floor 46 gets you a free Hero Scarf (+1 Speed, +10 Attack, +20 Defense, +10 Health)

The best free facepaints: Refined Braidheart (+10 Attack, +2 Speed, -20 Defense, -18 Health); Refined Lens of Looking (+3 Speed, -6 Defense, -13 Health) and Refined Shaman Paint (+2 Speed, -2 Attack, -3 Defense, -2 Health).

[Hero Setup] What is the best hero setup for this game? Edit

There is NO such thing as “best setup”. Depending on the situation and certain stages of the game, some jobs are more effective than others. A general advice to follow: “Explore your play style and experiment! Whatever works for you is the best setup.”

[Beat F46] How can I beat F46 Boss? Edit

There are some open threads on the official forum about strategies to beat F46 Boss: Tips for beating the Floor 46 Your Strategy for the Floor 46 Boss?. In F46 you face a very difficult battle compared to lower floors. Don’t forget there are requirements for a minimum level of gear in order to stand a chance.

[Tiers] What are T1, T2... people are talking about? How do they work? Edit

"T" stands for tier, meaning rank of a hero guild. Besides new level cap, upgrading your hero guild unlocks a new set of gear available for crafting, informally named after the rank of the guild.

Here is a table with all craftable sets put on a job(class)-tier matrix:

Sets Tier 1 (T1) Tier 2 (T2) Tier 2b (T2b) Tier 3 (T3) Tier 3b (T3b) Tier 4 (T4) Tier 5 (T5) Tier 6 (T6)
Adventurer Scrapper Explorer - Sneak Prospector Dandy Shadower Monkey Business
Archer Trapper Hunter - Marksman Soldier Rangerling The Honored Foxy Furs
Berserker Marauder Barbearian - Brawler Fire Eater Butcher Braveface Lion Pride
Cleric Holy Tuck - Shaman Snake Oil Salesman Chaplain Sultan Zebra Print
Knight Dreadnought Dragoon Dark Knight Constable - Conqueror Mountain Guard Rhino Armor
Wizard Spell Slinger Mad Scientist - Magician Savant Plague Doctor Mojomancer Crow Trifles

However, besides these, there are also other sets (considered to be in-between tiers) which cannot be crafted in hero guilds and whose set parts can be obtained whether as chest/monster drops, daily quest rewards or through armor/weapon shop crafting:

Sets Tier 4,5 (T4,5) Tier 5,5 (T5,5)
Adventurer Ruffian Rogue
Archer Musketeer -
Berserker Brigand Sardaukar
Cleric Chancellor -
Knight Mandrake Zweihander
Wizard Diviner -

[Refined Gear] How do I get refined gear? Edit

First of all, it is important to know that only items belonging to sets can come as refined. All other stand-alone items don't have a refined version. Also, mustaches, beards, hairs cannot be refined. Some non-craftable items have refined versions. It is the case of Rogue, Sardaukar and Zweihander sets, which can be found refined as drops (from GD chests and certain monsters).

Second, the ONLY way to craft refined gear is through hero guilds. Armor/Weapon Shops do not give any chance to refine. Usually, the refinement % chance starts with 20 and adds up with 20% for each refined item used in the process. The base % chance for refining Tier 6 equipment is 15%. However, some items have specific refining chances, but the figures are not known yet.

Third, adding Pixie Dust to a soon to be crafted item increases the refining chance by 60%.

[Level Up/XP] Where are the best places to level up my heroes? How can I level them as fast as possible? Edit

The best place to level up your heroes is usually the highest boss room (Grand/Grander) you can pass without too many difficulties.

T6 players can train in 40+ Grinnfinite Dungeon floors or faster, in the Tower, at Evil Grinns.

No matter if some of you heroes have already reached the level cap, the total amount of xp is divided by the number of heroes standing alive at the end of the fight and evenly shared among them. Hence, as fewer heroes standing alive, as much xp they receive. Leaving xp capped heroes purposely to die in battle is a good way to get more xp for the other heroes.

[Level Cap/Artifacts] My heroes reached the level cap. How can I further raise their level? Edit

In order to pass the level cap you need to upgrade your heroes' guilds to higher ranks. Upgrading a guild to a higher rank requires having the artifact for that building. Currently, the maximum level of heroes is 42.

[Notorious] What are Notorious monsters? Where can I find Sweeper Stu, Tom Thud... and other Notorious monsters? What rares do they drop? Edit

Notorious monsters are improved (stronger) versions of normal enemies.

They have a chance (usually 10%) to appear in certain locations on the map, by randomly taking a secret path. Some Notorious can also be found in Grinnfinite Dungeon, starting with a certain room.

Here is a table with all locations and rare drops for all current Notorious monsters:

Notorious Monster Secret Path Grinnfinite Dungeon Rare Drop
Sweeper Stu Highland Falls 3 (Room 2)
Highland Falls 4 (Room 2)
Room 7+ Rogue Turban refined and non-refined
Tom Thud Mystbourne 3 (Room 2) Room 13+ Rogue Shirt refined and non-refined
Randy Rockskin Mystbourne 3 (Room 2) Room 14+ Sardaukar Shirt refined and non-refined
Osorio Zapper Halvarian Peak 4 (Room 3) Room 17+ Sardaukar Axe non-refined
Finneas Fault Halvarian Peak 3 (Room 2) Room 17+ Rogue Dagger refined and non-refined
Bowbat Billy Mystbourne 1 (Room 2) Room 19+ Sardaukar Turban non-refined
Pokey Potsie Highland Falls 3 (Room 2)
Highland Falls 4 (Room 2)
Shocker Shoo Highland Falls 4 (Room 2)
Patrick Mystbourne 4 (Room 3)
Poison Mystbourne 4 (Room 3) Zweihander Helmet non-refined
Palma Ironbound 4 (Room 2)
Mystbourne 4 (Room 3)
Theo Thud Ironbound 2 (Room 2) Rogue Shirt refined and non-refined
Ralph Rockskin Ironbound 3 (Room 2) Sardaukar Shirt refined and non-refined

[Happiness Increase] How do I increase happiness? Edit

Making villagers/heroes interact with each other increases happiness by 1. Making a villager interact with a Fuzzlehorn increases happiness by 3. You can increase the happiness cap by building more décor.

[Ricochet/Wizard] Does Ricochet work with Healing or Wizard attacks? Edit

No, Ricochet does not stack with magic attacks. Only with melee and archer attacks.

[Pickpocket] How does Pickpocket work? Does it increase the odds of getting better loot? Does it double the items dropped? Edit

The way pickpocket works is when an enemy is defeated, the game somewhat randomly determines a set of items to drop. Then, if you have pickpocket, it rolls again and drops another set of items as well. Thus, it does not necessarily give you double of each item. Nevertheless, in order for pickpocket to work, an adventurer with the equipped attack should do the killing blow to the chosen monster.

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