Grinndenburg Emporium

Grinndenburg Emporium

The floating balloon found above your city to the left, owned by Hameil.  You can purchase various goods here using Pramins.

Items currently available Edit

Item Cost (Pramin)
Lucky Looker 12
Flower Child 12
Ornate Key 18
Prospector Backpack 21
Marksman Frock 21
Savant Gas Mask 21
Mad Monocle 16
Plague Wing 39
Aura 23
Constable Mantle 35
Cup o' Guts 3
Re-Vile Potion 9
Brainy Shock Potion 7
Monstrous Rejuvenator 3
Defense Potion 5
Power Potion 7
Time Potion 3

Items that were sold in the pastEdit

Item Cost (Pramin)
Glasses 24
Designer Glasses 24
Brown Glasses 29
Wooden Glasses 29
Starry-Eyed 12
Dagrinn Costume[1] 0
Grinzzlehorn Costume[1] 0

Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 They were a result of the "PROJECT: EXTREME GRINN SUPER-MAKEOVER Contest" of December 18th, for which the winners were Noot (Grinzzlehorn) and Nuppmiddt (Dagrinn). Source: Related official forum thread.

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