The shop run by the friendly monster Lenny Lemming who accompanies your Grinns when they go exploring the tower and side dungeons. You can purchase various goods here using Pramins any time during a battle.

Item Cost Use
Cup o' Guts 3 Pramin Restores 100% HP
Banana Worm Loaf 6 Pramin Restores 100% Stamina
Re-Vile Potion 9 Pramin Revive a fallen hero with 100% HP
Brainy Shock Potion 7 Pramin Shock enemy for 2 turns
Monstrous Rejuvenator 3 Pramin Cures all status effects
Defense Potion 5 Pramin Increase a Grinn's defence by 1.5x for one battle.  Overrides existing buffs.
Power Potion 7 Pramin Increase a Grinn's attack by 1.5x for one battle.  Overrides existing buffs.
Time Potion 1 Pramin Pause the battle for 15 seconds, does not stack.  Time will go on regardless of other pauses.

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