Quest example

Quest example

id="Metal Gearhead"

Name Target Reward


The Secret Path Continues

Hunt Pokey Potsie
  • 3 Pramin
Kill Pokey Potsie. Who Lurks On The Secret Path In Higland Falls 3
Chemical Hazard Hunt Shocker Shoo

? AFTER: There's no reason for us to stay here any longer than necessary. Let's split up, look for survivors and get out of here!

On the Golden Tower Collect at least 50 Golden Eggs
  • 4 Pramin

? AFTER: Awesome! I hope we get more challenges like this in the future.

Tower Slickers 2: The Legend of Grinn`s Gold Collect at least 200 Golden Eggs
  • 6 Pramin

This quest rewards you for collecting 200 Golden Eggs. I hope they'll be easy to find in the future.

AFTER: Wow, you did it! It's good to know collecting all those eggs was worth it!

Nothing Gold Can Stay Collect at least 500 Golden Eggs
  • 8 Pramin

Master of the Elements

Defeat 100 Poison Spiders with Electrical Attacks


AFTER: Remember to exploit an enemy's elemental weakness! It can be the difference victory and defeat.

Danger! High  Voltage! Defeat 30 Electric Spiders with Thermal Attacks  ?

AFTER:  After all of this is over, we should start a band: Thermal Six. How's that sound?

Metal Gearhead Defeat 25 Gearheads These metal Gearheads are built pretty solid and they have no elemental weakness for extra damage. Maybe it's time to find out which elemental effects work the best for you: scald, shock or poison.
AFTER: That was a good fight! Next up the Big Boss on the Floor 37!
The Bigger They Are Defeat the Grand Crank 10 times with Electrical attacks Tiny Poison Spiders are easy. It's time for a real test. Let's teach the Grand Crank a shocking lesson!
AFTER: Once again, we prevail! The tower will need greater and grander challenge to stop us!
Time for cookies Upgrade your bakery to level 5
  • 840 Wood
  • 660 Metal
The tower is high Explore tower level 60
  • 900 Wood
  • 800 Metal
Arachnophobia Kill patrick in the secret room of mystbourne 4
  • 900 Wood
  • 900 Metal
  • Extreme potion
 ? Kill Tom Thud in Mystbourne 3
  •  ?
 ? Kill Randy Rockskin in Mystbourne 3
  • 3 Pramin
What's golden? Collect at least 10 Golden Eggs
  • 2 Pramin
Just Desserts! Upgrade the Bakery (Level 3) to Level 5
  • 640 Wood
  • 460 Metal
Upgrade! Party Time! Excellent! Upgrade your Item Shop (Rank 3) to Rank 4
  • 900 Wood
  • 700 Metal
Master of the Elements Defeat 100 Poison Spiders with Electrical attacks.
  • 1000 Wood
  • 1000 Metal

(there is a quest for exploring level 51 and 55, but i already completed them so i dont know the rewards)

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