Patch 0.6.7Edit


Special 2-Day Promotion: Craft a Skull Mask For two days only (October 16 & 17) craft the new Premium Wizard Gear item: Skull Mask. Head over to the Wizard building to craft it. After October 17th, the Skull Mask will be available for Pramins

Additional changes: New Crafting Pack (includes Ruby and Diamond) Fixed game crashing while fighting certain Monsters Changed drop tables so Notorious Monsters have a chance to drop refined Gear 50% reduction of Gear crafting time promotion (100K Grand Smoker kills) ended


KongOnly Grand(er) Ghost and Grand(er) Clank drop rates shifted to raise Rubies and Diamonds to 7% each.

KongOnly Old Scarves can now drop when Rallying.

Facebook version only Sardaukar Shirt now drops from Randy Rockskin.

All Notorious Monsters drop tables modified to fix an imbalance between Kongregate and Facebook. Refined Rogue Set gear now drops from each with a 1% chance and regular Rogue set gear now drops with a 2% chance. Ruby drop rate improved to 6% and Diamonds added to their list at 6%.

Cost of a Premium Farm drops by 2 to 19 Pramin.

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