Speed is one of the five stats of heroes and monsters. The more the speed, the less the time you must wait to do an action with your hero. 

Miscellanea Edit

  • The time required per turn should be ( 42 / speed ) seconds. Actual speed can be affected by many factors including computer and network performance.
  • Damage per second is proportional to (Attack * Speed)
    • Each additional unit speed will increase DPS by approximately 1/84 * Attack
  • When starving, a Grinn's speed drops to 1
  • Speed is a resource intensive stat; per-hit Stamina reduction is static.  
  • Animation is not affected by Speed. Attack animation is usually more fast than spell and ability ones.
  • Speed can be augmented during combat with Haste and Haste II
  • The following items can be worn by anyone and will increase Grinns' speed:
  • The following items can be worn by anyone and will decrease Grinns' speed:
  • The highest speed without being hasted (28) can be reached by an Adventurer with a Sneak Set (fully refined), a Shadow Sticker or a Dandy Sword and a refined Lens of Looking

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