Read Wiki Help before editing. More TO-DOs in Advanced TO-DO Stuff.

TO-DO List Edit

  1. Update monster pages, using the new {{monster}} template
  2. Add entries to Normal Quest
  3. Contribute to Cultural references
  4. Update Halvarian Ridge with quest info and waves using the template Dungeon
  5. Add missing items, using the templates {{set item}} and {{non-set item}}
  6. Update crafting materials, using the template {{material}}
  7. Add items produced by Item Shop, Bakery, Farm and Plentiful Farm, using the template {{consumable}}
  8. Update the style of set tables, using the new set table template
  9. Update the set and item pages after patch 0.6.26
  10. Find missing informations for Evil Job monsters, and add them to Bestiary (missing data is marked with a ?)
  11. write Dropping Items (temp name) and add infos contained here
  12. FAQs:
    • add "how to beat monster X / pass floor Y" to FAQs
    • rewrite FAQs entries in appropriate pages when possible and useful
  13. Make these images with the item image only and a transparent background (see Images How-To):
  14. Contribute to statistical data about drop and refine rates in this page
  15. Substitute ajax link with normal links for set items, except in guild and monster pages.
  16. Change old time format HH:MM:SS with the new more compact one. Examples: 00:05:00 - > 5m and 07:30:00 -> 7h 30m
  17. Change old images with templates (See Stat Images and those that follow)
  18. Take a look to WantedFiles and WantedPages

Thank you... Edit

  • ...Cygnetian, for many orthographic and syntactic corrections, and wiki-canonization of some pages
  • ...Thorjylland for The Elemental Wheel.png, Tier 6 Sets, Special Gear Sets and abilities images, and many, many, many other stuff (take a look to his profile)
  • ...Connor Monson for statistics about dropped and refined items, info about elemental attacks and other stuff
  • ...Casslovefaz for adding some item page and image, in particular Trapper Cap.png, and other stuff
  • ...Patrocle, for Crafting Materials pages, many FAQ pages, Set Comparison page, restyle of Berserker page and other stuff
  • ...Grinnsider, for infos about refining rates, monster etc dumped from the game source code, the Dungeon template and many other things
  • ...1Duy, for all

If I missed someone or something, you can add it :)

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