Here is a list of useful tips for making the game easier:

Food trick Edit

If you want to save Wood and Metal, a wise thing to do is leaving at least one subjob below lvl6, for each hero you have. This way, you can switch jobs and feed heroes with the cheapest and lowest tier food, croissants. Still, if you engage in long battles, such as going deep into Grinnfinite Dungeon, you need food according to your hero's tier because you can't switch jobs while in dungeons.

Animation canceling Edit

Clicking on the Attack circle when it's full (separately for each hero) cancels the attack animation and thus saves up more time during a battle. Animation canceling doesn't work for Berserkers though.

Useful gear for crafting, you can find in Grinnfinite Dungeon Edit

Going into Grinnfinite Dungeon has many benefits. One of them is that you can find gear (in chests only), which can help you in the crafting process of higher tier equipment. So why would you spend time, resources and items on crafting that gear, if you can get it already crafted? Still, the gear drops are non-refined, but that doesn't affect too much the crafting process for higher tiers.

Here is the list of gear you can find in Grinnfinite Dungeon as early as room4, which can help you in the crafting process:

Barbearian Loincloth (T2 Berserker)

Tuck Robe (T2 Cleric) 

Hunter Cloak (T2 Archer)

Dragoon Armor (T2 Knight)

Snake Oil Salesman Outfit (T3 Cleric)

Scrapper Scarf/Explorer Scarf/Sneak Cape (T1/T2/T3 Adventurer) 

Weapon Shop - Fuzzlehorn mass crafting combination Edit

If you own a Fuzzlehorn Habitat (Pramin 49) and five lvl1 Weapon Shops you can save time, resources and items for crafting certain gear.

You can mass produce T2 Adventurer and T1 Cleric/Archer weapons in no time (with a minimum amount of Wood and Metal) as mats for crafting higher tier weapons

Crafting whether a Simple Knife, a Simple Staff or a Wooden Bow  in the Armor Shop costsWood50, Metal 5 and takes 5 minutes.

The Fuzzlehorn converts 4 Simple Knives into 1 Explorer Sword, 2 Simple Staves into 1 Sacred Staff and 2 Wooden Bows into 1 Trapper Bow. If you plan to mass produce (not 1 by 1 conversions), the 30 minutes delay between conversions shouldn't be a problem.

Hence, crafting an Sacred Staff/Trapper Bow costs Wood100, Metal 10 and takes 10 minutes. Otherwise, the Sacred Staff/Trapper Bow cost Wood150, Metal 20, certain items and 1 hour. Still, the Weapon Shop and Fuzzlehorn give non-refined versions.

To be continued...

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