Welcome to The Grinns Tale Wiki! If you want to contribute, first read those guidelines.

Monsters How-ToEdit

  1. If you want to add new monsters, use the {{monster}} template
  2. If you want to add new floors, use the template {{dungeon}} (see source code of Floor 5 for example)
  3. Remember to update Bestiary too.

Item How-To Edit

If you want to add an item, you have to use the appropriate template:

  • equipment item that is part of a set: {{set item}}
  • equipment item that is not part of a set: {{non-set item}}
  • crafting material: {{material}}
  • item that is consumed after used (potion, food, bundle...): {{consumable}}

Resource ImagesEdit

  • Use:
    • {{Wood}}  for Wood
    • {{Metal}}  for Metal
    • {{Pramin}} for Pramin
  • If you want to add a non-breakable space, use:
    • {{Wood|30}}  for 30 Wood
    • {{Metal|20}}  for 20 Metal
    • {{Pramin|10}} for 10 Pramin

Stat ImagesEdit

  • Use:
    • {{Attack}}  for Attack
    • {{Defense}} for Defense
    • {{Health}}  for Health
    • {{Speed}}  for Speed
    • {{Stamina}} for Stamina

Element ImagesEdit

  • Use:
    • {{Thermal}}  for Thermal
    • {{Electrical}} for Electrical
    • {{Chemical}}  for Chemical
    • {{Mechanical}} for Mechanical

Element AttacksEdit


Write {{ Ajax | JOB#ABILITY | }} to add an ability. Some examples:

  • {{Ajax|Berserker#Rage|}}  gives Rage
  • {{Ajax|Knight#Life Steal|}} gives Life Steal

Use {{Fancy Flurry III}} for Fancy Flurry III (ability owned by some monster)

Building Tables Edit


{| class="article-table build"
! scope="col" | Artifact
! scope="col" | Location
! scope="col" colspan="4" | Resources Cost
! scope="col" | Time
! scope="col" | Level Cap

to create a building table. For example:

{| class="article-table build"
! scope="col" | Artifact
! scope="col" | Location
! scope="col" colspan="4" | Resources Cost
! scope="col" | Time
! scope="col" | Level Cap
|- id="Adventurer's_Tavern"
| Adventurer's Tavern
| [[Floor 6]]
| 500
| {{Wood}}
| 100
| {{Metal}}
| 1h
| 18
|- id="Adventurer's_Lodge"
| Adventurer's Lodge
| [[Floor 20]]+
| 5260
| {{Wood}}
| 1500
| {{Metal}}
| 5h
| 24


Artifact Location Resources Cost Time Level Cap
Adventurer's Tavern Floor 6 500 Wood 100 Metal 1h 18
Adventurer's Lodge Floor 20+ 5260 Wood 1500 Metal 5h 24

Other Useful Things Edit

  1. Use {{magical}} for "Deals magical damage"
  2. Use <sup>text here</sup> for text here (especially useful for marking rare items, see Grand Crank items for example)
  3. Use {{Tooltip|displayed text|tooltip text}} for displayed text
  4. Use {{ajax|link|displayed text}} to load tooltip info from linked page. Examples:

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT AJAX LINKS: you should use them as much as possible, except for every item that is part of a set (read {{set item}} for more info). Those pages have tooltips that can be loaded, but they are intended to be used only in Hero and Guild pages.

Images How-ToEdit

  • Remember to take screenshot with Quality setting to High
  • I suggest GIMP to edit images, it's free and quite powerful
  • Use Color to Alpha tool if you want to make the background transparent (tutorial - video). A more hard but prettier method is here
  • Remember to Autocrop to avoid unneeded extra border
  • Save and upload pictures in PNG format for better quality and transparent-background support
  • Remember that if you want to add another version of an existing image, it's better to go to the image page and use the "Upload a new version of this file", so you don't need to modify any article page
  • If you want to upload more than on file at once, go to MultipleUpload

TO-DO ListEdit

If you want to see what the wiki needs actually, read TO-DO List and Advanced TO-DO Stuff.

How to become admins or bureaucrats Edit

Actually this is a small wiki, so there's not so much to administrate. The principal contribute an admin can give to the wiki is to code in Javascript (jQuery in particular) and CSS. Anyway, you can ask in Adoption:Requests.

Last TipEdit

Feel free to contribute anything that you think would be useful for other players. If you didn't understand all, you can ask to admins. Anyway don't worry too much about proper formatting, because other contributors with more understanding of wiki code will help cleaning up.

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